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Installation of flagpole:

1. Screw a low nut to every base screw and then fix it through the hole of the ground plate with another low nut, according to the above drawing. The hinge should look upward.

2. Pour the main screws into a minimum of C16 concrete so the hinge will face the latter position of the erected flagpole. It is important that the ground plate should be horizontal.

3. After the stiffening of the concrete (minimum of two weeks) the flagpole can be erected by placing a low nut and washer on the 4 main screws, then by holding hinge of the base plate and the flagpole base with the screw, then placing the flagpole into its final position.

4. Fixing of the flagpole with a washer and regular nut.

5. Adjusting the vertical position with the upper normal and the low nut, then tighten the upper normal nut in its final position.

6. We should tighten the 4 upper normal nuts again in 4 weeks.