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What is the material of the flagpoles?

The flagpole is made of fiberglass-hardened polyester.
This material is extremely rigid, at the same.

Where are these flagpoles fabricated?

Manufacturer of the flagpoles is the Scandinavian FLAGMORE company group.

To what extent is this sort of flagpole prevailing in Hungary?

Among the flagpoles set up in Hungary, the fiberglass-hardened polyester flagpoles also distributed by our company have an estimative market share of 90%.

How abiding is this material?

This material is extremely abiding, in addition, it does not need any painting or other maintenance.

What form do the flagpoles have?

They have always conical form. They can be recognized from far especially by this. The metallic or aluminium poles are mostly put together from sections with different diameters.

Do these flagpoles need lightning protection?

They do not need lightning protection, because their material is not conductive.

What colour do flagpoles have?

The flagpoles are white. It is not painted; the white colour results from the manufacturing technology, from application of a white gel on the outside of the pole.

Do flagpoles exist with a colour different than white?

Against additional charges, the manufacturer is able to produce flagpoles of any colour according to RAL colour scale. Nevertheless, an order of greater quantity is needed thereto. In case of smaller quantities, the repolishing of flagpoles can be an other solution. The repolishing is not equivalent to the durability of the gel applied during manufacturing.

While concreting the base body, do I have to take particular care to have the flagpole stand vertically?

No. After concreting, the vertical position of the flagpole can be adjusted with use of bolts.

How far do I have to set up flagpoles from each other?

It depends on the size of the flag, and on the standing or lying form of the flag. It is a good approximation, if setting up occurs in such way that the distance of flagpoles from each other is one fourth of the length of the flagpole. E.g.: Flagpoles of a length of 8 m can be set up ab. 2 m from each other.

We have ordered the flagpoles of a length of 6 m. The base bodies are ready, but we decided to have flagpoles of a length of 8 m instead. Dow we have to reconcrete the base body?

No, there is no need to worry. The basement equipments of FLAGMORE flagpoles are uniform 6 m to 12 m.

Will the price offer sent via E-mail contain the price of all necessary components and subassemblies?

Yes. The prices sent via E-mail contain the price of all necessary components. Only suitably confectionated flags are needed to flagpoles bought from our company.

Does unit price contain finial as well?

Yes, it does. In any case!

How shall a flag be confectionated?

Plastic flag snap clips shall be sewn on the flag. The holes on the surface of the flag, the so-called eyeholes do not answer the purpose. In case of flagpoles with revolver truck a keeper shall be also sewn for the bracket.

What size shall the keeper have?

Keeper shall have the size to be able to get a pipe of a diameter of 30 mm stuck into it.

How many years of guarantee are being provided for these flagpoles?

We provide 10 years of guarantee for breaking of flagpoles.

Do you undertake also setting up of flagpoles?

Yes, if desired.

What does setting up contain?

Setting up-procession